Truth of Fiction A study recommending banning all wi fi devices at schools

A rather controversial study came out recently in the UK warning that people should be very careful with their exposure to mobile phones and wireless internet networks. In fact, the study has gone so far as to say that all such devices should be banned from schools as they pose too much risk to child health.

Before you panic, please remember that these latest claims go against a significant body of research confirming that the exposure does not pose a risk to human health or child brain development process.

I am sure you can remember a few scientific studies that have come out with a few sensational claims only to be discredited or proven incorrect.

This report was issued by the Council of Europe Committee which stated that electromagnetic radiation coming from mobiles, computers with wi-fi internet connections and even such things as baby monitors have the potential to cause cancer and affect brain development.

The Committee suggested that European countries should go as far as completely banning mobiles and wi-fi networks from school classrooms. The Committee also recommended for all devices emitting such waves to be labelled with public health warnings.

These rather dire sounding recommendations go completely against the advice of a very reputable government body – Department of Health and the World Health Organisation which continues to report that there is no significant danger to the public.

Experts around the world are also skeptical of the Committee’s warning, some going as far as calling it scaremongering.

Professor Les Barclay, of the Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research Programme, is reported to have said ‘We have not had mobile phones for very long and there are now studies going on to look for longer-term effects. There is also very little evidence for harmful effects. Banning mobile phones and wireless networks in schools is a step too far in my eyes.’

At the time of writing this articles I have not heard of any responses from Australia, however, as Mobile Geeks is appearing on Channel 9 news tonight to discuss this issue, I can guarantee you an update later tonight.

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