In computer repairs world, every new glimpse of IT future to come or even better, a ready to use fancy gadget is the stuff of life. Hence, here is a little juicy tidbit on a new application from UStream that lets you broadcast live video  from your iPhone to your Facebook. Do not know how you can possibly use this technology? Never mind that! Back in the good old days we could not fathom how Facebook could be useful either.  This new app is called Broadcast for Friends — or BFF (ok, not very original but, who cares)— with the help of this app you can broadcast yourself just to a group of friends or publicly.

“We have our underlying technology, the platform of UStream, and we built it in such a way that we can build really powerful products on top of it,” with Ustream President and Founder (and now CEO) Brad Hunstable told Mashable during a product demo earlier this week. (Thanks @mashable)

Users can record videos phone cameras. There are a number of built-in filters for those that simply must tweak reality or cannot afford to have the world see them without a generous amount of  ‘soft light’.

The app is a free download (look for BFF) which will ask for authorisation to access Facebook. Once you select a privacy setting there’s a 3-second countdown and then you are streaming live, and for this a usb-c is the best for your video quality and you can connect it with all your devices. And do not blame me for not reminding you of those…if you end up streaming your bedroom self to all and sundry, I waive all liability and so does UStream.

The most exciting thing about this app is that it allows for live downloads. That ‘sharing the moment’ option is priceless and precisely what is making the app so popular. You also have the option of saving the video on Facebook, not just broadcasting it live once.

Happy broadcasting and try not to think what the overpopulated world of modern celebrity will do with this… Computer repairs salute to you all!

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