Please do not feed our geeks

Dear clients and future clients 

We love to serve you! We love racing across town to fix your computers and repair your hard drives! We adore spending hours hunting for the priceless photographs of your children (that you failed to backup ) on your fried beyond repair computer systems. We would gladly do that 24/7 if you only gave us a chance. At Mobile Geeks , we LOVE to PLEASE you! However….

However, we require one thing from you: one tiny little favour.

PLEASE do not feed our geeks.

There really is no need for you to offer to cook them breakfast, put together their lunch or insist they join your family for dinner. They are not hungry even if they do look hungry to you. It is just their metabolism. Perhaps, it has something to do with breathing the ‘radioactive'(or at least I am pretty sure it is) dust from the insides of your neverbeencleaned computer towers. Or climbing under all those desks…(oh! they climb under a lot of desks!) They just are geeky and slim – naturally. And they are happy about it. They are very happy to remain unfed by you. In fact, apart from winning a lottery and never coming to work again that is their greatest wish – to never get fed on the job. 

I do not know why that is. May be it is simply a reluctance to inconvenience you or maybe they have caught a whiff of your fridge … But they simply do not want your food! Not unless you force them! So please, keep your aprons on their hooks and your frying pans in the kitchen cabinets and just leave the geeks be. 🙂

They know what they are doing. They have been trained and tested and you do not need to supervise. Because it is highly unlikely that your advice will be necessary, unless, of course, you are a perverted computer genius. And since you are not, go have a cup of tea and read a book already!

Thank you for your cooperation.

All my love xxx

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