Computer Repairs Blog ‘Smartphone Is The Wallet Of The Future’

Happy Monday and welcome to computer repairs blog. This time I will cover 0ne cool to boot smartphone application that is designed to help you manage your finance and execute payments. Even if you are a bit like me and are not terribly keen on paying with a phone, you might as well read on as this is just as unavoidable as online banking has become.

Let us look at Adaptu Wallet. I had all of my fellow computer repairs geeks trial it out for you and here are their combined verdicts:

Adaptu Wallet is a financial planner that looks like a mobile application. This handy software gadget links accounts, monitors spending and calculates future expenses to give you an accurate read of the number of $$$ currently to your name. Online shopping has made spending money so much faster and more effortless than in the pre-ecommerce world. This has had its benefits but has also created plenty of Ooops $%#$%!!! moments.

And if we have all got the handle of how to quickly spend the hard earnt dollars, we may not have worked out that there is a way that can make monitoring your expences just as easy as swindling them.


Various online providers have been offering online money management for a few years but Adaptu (2010), has taken the concept and made it into a totally different ball game — namely, it has taken it to your mobile device. Now we are talking, right? Adaptu Wallet is what it is called.

This is the first personal finance app that allows you to manage your cash flow which is available for iPhone, Android, and Kindle Fire. (I have only tested it with iPhone but, so far, not dramas and only pluses.)

Adaptu Wallet eliminates the physical bulk of folders, files, membership cards, etc…. by allowing you to take photos of membership cards and similar while also stepping in the shoes of your financial conscience.

This app will tell you if you have the dough to buy that frock or the latest gadget you are itching to have, and whether or not the spending will be consistent with your overall budget. (Yes, it may be uncomfortable at times and you may find yourself talking to you phone…However, since everyone is doing that now, noone will know that you are really arguing with your electronic financial conscience.)

Adaptu Wallet considers all of your financial information, from bank accounts to bills, and forces you to adapt to your current economic climate. This smart little thing also calculates upcoming expenses to provide you with an accurate read of how much fun you can afford. (Have you considered joining a library?)

For security purposes, a 4-digit PIN is required to access your financial information, and everything on file is encrypted with bank-level security (this is was my computer repairs spies have reported) . And do not worry about a disconnect between the Adaptu wallet records and your actual financial situation— every time your bank makes a change to your accounts, Adaptu will automatically do the same. Have fun exploring the app and if you have any computer related problems, do not forget about your favourite computer repairs geek.

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