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As my Geeks always say, the first line of defense against viruses to keep your computer running smooth and fast is a good anti-virus program. And by a ‘good’ one I actually mean a GOOD one. Better than what your uncle let you copy from his disk and better than possibly came with your computer. There are many anti-virus programs to choose from. Some are paid programs and others are free. Many of the free programs do just as much of a fine job as the paid programs do. However, do keep in mind that some of the free programs do not scan for things such as rootkits (A rootkit is software that enables continued privileged access to a computer while actively hiding its presence from administrators).

To help you out in your research, here are some anti-virus programs to consider. Of course, you know that you could right now call your computer repairs guy from virus Removal Brisbane Research, to tell you all about the available programs and install one for you (and save you from a hefty computer repairs bill in the future)…but you are not the type to give up without a fight…are you? So do, go on! Hop on Google and type in the names below, you will have all the information to make up your mind on your own…and possibly more.

Good anti-virus software packages are:

–        Avast

–       AVG

–       Avira

–       BitDefender

–       Computer Associates

–       ESET NOD32

–       F-Secure

–       Kaspersky

–       McAfee

–       Norton Anti-Virus

–       Panda

–       Trend Micro

–       Windows Live Onecare

Free programs can be tested hands on, since you do not have to worry about not being able to return the software, if you do not like it…but please be careful with those that offer you a free trial and expect you to discontinue just before the term for the trial runs out…if you do not …Kaching!

You should also keep in mind that there are many “rogue” programs that disguise themselves as anti-virus programs when they actually a virus themselves. Some to definitely keep away from are AntiVirus2008, Antivirus2009, AntiVirusPro and a new one making the rounds, AntiVirus2011. If you happen to find a program not on our list that you want to try, make sure to research it first to check that it is legitimate.

It is important to completely remove your old anti-virus software before installing a new one. If you do not do that your computer will end up with a bipolar syndrome and, quite literally, will not know whether it is coming or going.
Once you have settled on  your anti-virus program, hopefully, with the help of your computer repairs specialist, it is essential that you keep it up to date. Many programs get updates weekly and in some cases, daily. This is because of the proliferation of viruses, malware and scareware on the net. Generally, programs are set to automatically receive updates on their own, please check that is the case….if you do not know how, call a computer repairs firm for help.

Remember, even the best programs will not always keep you safe. Additional protection, like firewall, may be required…and even that can be breached.

 If you already have a virus your software cannot remove, it may be time to call a professional computer repairs Geek.

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