It is Wednesday and it is time for our Computer Repairs Horror Story

Over the years, the Geeks at Mobile Geeks have heard a lot of computer repairhorror stories. So, it was with significant interest that I listened to them tell these this fine Wednesday morning. After hearing the stories, some of which I will share with you over the coming weeks, one point became crystal clear – regardless of the problem you think your computer is experiencing you absolutely should back up your hard disk before handing your computer over to computer service people – even if you think that such precautions are an overkill and unwarranted. Some companies, like Mobile Geeks and other reputable industry participants, also offer a backup service with every computer repairs job. This is something you will be offered or you may need to ask for it.

The story I want to share with you today has a computer repairs victim with a broken hinge on his laptop and the company, let’s call them, ‘computer repairs Corner Shop’ that replaced the laptop’s hard drive during repairs.

Last year, Mr Right’s wife surprised him with a new Dell laptop for his birthday. The PC was purchased from Mobile Geeks with a three-year Platinum warranty. For six months the computer worked great. It was fast, it was powerful, it was light and Mr Right loved it.

At the end of six months, the hinge on the right side of the laptop came loose. This caused the screen to wobble. This was not a serious problem and quite possibly, Mr Right could have fixed it himself with a tiny screwdriver, but he was a Mr Right and he wanted to do the right thing for his machine. Mr Right did not think this a serious enough problem to call Mobile Geeks; so, he brought the PC into his local computer repairs Corner Shop (that also sold overseas calling card…don’t ask me why)

The computer repairs Corner Shop guy took the laptop and called back two days later to tell Mr Right that he could pick up his laptop. Mr Right flew to the shop to finally be reunited with his favourite gadget. The computer looked fine and the screen was no longer wobbly. However…..When it came to payment, something was wrong. The price was not what one would expect to be charged for a loose screw. The Computer Repair Corner Shop guy happily informed our Mr Right that he had also replaced the laptop’s hard drive because it was “defective”. The tiny fact that Mr Right never complained about his HD and that it was only six months old, obviously was not an issue for the friendly and helpful computer repairs Corner Shop guy.

Mr Right was given no notice on the impeding HD replacement or even the option of declining that repair. Mr Right was a logical man, and he logically assumed that a loose screw was not the kind of problem that would necessitate the worry about backing up your data. So, Mr Right lost everything he had and was not happy. In fact, I am reliably informed that Mr Right even entertained some very illegal thoughts concerning the Computer Repairs Corner Shop guy and multiple blunt objects.

As you would expect, the company had (and still has…I just checked) a ‘not responsible’ clause for data loss when a repair is made. The business also does not automatically offer a back up option…not that that would have helped our logical Mr Right.

Mr RIght has learned his lesson and has implemented an automatic back up system for himself and his family. Mobile Geeks helped his to set it up.

The sad thing is that there are a lot of shops like that (…there is one in our neighbourhood and we often wonder how it survives). Needless to say, they are not the industry leaders and are generally doing the best they can to make a buck, which does not always mean the best outcome for consumers. The computer repairsindustry in unregulated. It is one of a few remaining unregulated industries in Australia. This lack of overbearing red-tape allows for lower prices and a highly competitive environment – a clear benefit for our clients. However, it also creates the conditions where the advice ‘Buyer Beware!’ is an essential way of life. So, please, our dear readers and clients – Heed this advice. Pay attention. Back up your Hard Drives and enjoy the low prices without learning the hard way.

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