Improved coverage for iPad2 sparkes a competition war between the telcos

Optus and (the much troubled) Vodafone have come out with ‘starter packs’ for the iPad 2’s. Although, only Telstra was able to provide regional 3G connectivity to original iPad users via its UMTS 850 MHz Next G network, Apple introduced UMTS 900 MHz support in the iPad 2. In laymen terms, this new widget capability has allowed iPad 2 to operate on Optus and Vodafone’s dual band networks, increasing 3G coverage from 80 to 97 percent of the population.

To make sure they are in on the game from the start, Vodafone has introduced a $15 pre-paid starter pack that included a micro-SIM card, 1.5GB of data, and a 30-day expiry; This is compared to Telstra’s $20 starter pre-paid pack (and complete guarantee of coverage).

Optus is going in with a blast with introduced a $0 SIM starter kit with 500MB and 20-day validity in a bid for new customers at Harvey Norman, Dick Smith, Apple, David Jones and Myer. I say, not bad at all, as that is worth a go to find out if Optus coverage is good in your usual geographic areas. If that works for you, I recommend you should stick with Optus. For a “limited time”, it is also offering its $30, 3GB pre-paid starter kit at half-price in “some sales channels”, including Optus stores, Allphones, Telechoice and Network Comms. However, I am not sure if that option is still available.

Telstra’s pricing seems to have remained unchanged with pre-paid starter kits priced at $30 for 3GB with 30 days validity. I am on one of those at the moment and am very happy. However, if you would like something more long-term, but also pre-paid, I would recommend a Telstra deal of $149 for 12Gb over 12 months. If you use up all 12Gb before the year runs out, the deal runs out with it. However, 12Gb is massive!!!

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