Sooner or later we all need to learn about data recovery, because sooner or later we all run into  problems with the hardware and to access the lost data, we will need data retrieval help from expert computer repairs geeks. Even if you are extra careful with your computer and its components, you can still end up with a damaged and unusable hard drive. The good news is that hard drives do contain fail safes to help keep your data secure, but problems such as a power surge or controller card failure can still leave you with a ‘dead’ drive and lost information.

If that is not your problem and you know know that you can still get into your computer because your hard drive has only just started acting up, do not panic and PLEASE do not start pushing all the buttons. Check the drive to see what, if any, information and data has been lost or locked in the drive. You may not be able to determine that easily and that is ok. If you can access the drive, start moving the important files off the computer. You may still have a chance to save your data, but you still have a chance of losing some of it. If the drives are connected to different servers, check the server logs before you move any information. You may be able to find duplicate data files that are in perfect condition. Check the date, file content and make sure that the files work before you move them.
If you search the drive and server logs and cannot find a backup, hard copy or duplicate, you may not be able to save your document unless you try data recovery. If it comes to this, we recommend you put your computer aside, call a professional and keep your fingers crossed that everything important to you is still salvageable.

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