Cyber crime on city streets

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In London, a Police Commissioner has predicted that criminals could soon collaborate with  domestic virus writers and hackers to fund criminal activities, rather than opt for the more traditional option of physically robbing a bank.

At the moment, London Police Commissioner reported for the international press, British criminals rely on shipments of bogus identities and virus packages from overseas. Soon enough they will be able to develop these in house. In fact, they are already offering online courses in cybercrime. After all, it is much easier to extort the price of drugs consignment from a cyber attack on a company. This money avenue appears to be so promising, it is likely to become an independent money making operation within the organized crime. One that is unconnected to drug trafficking.

It was not long ago that the London Metropolitan Police arrested 19 people in the UK in connection with the Zeus banking-trojan. The USA Federal Bureau of Investigation also advised of 17 people wanted in connection with the same operation. The Bureau also announced the arrest of other involved in the crime.

London police says the expertise of their Central e-Crime Unit is crucial, however, admitted that criminals had already outperformed it technically and their expertise will continue growing. The specialists and skills available to the Unit are very limited compared to the ‘brains’ at the disposal of the international organized crime.

The view that still appears to be held by most people that cyber crime should be left to the banks to sort out and the police should be on the streets is outdated. It is apparently the income from the cybercrime that is already feeding the crime on city streets. And it is likely to get worse. I believe that now is the time to start pushing for information on these issues from the NSW Police and let the Government know we will not be fooled into an illusion of safety at the announcement that another 50 police officers have been added to the force.

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