Buying a computer is not an easy task. Gone are the days when we only had two or three options before us. Now, the choices are endless, with more and more models coming online every month. As consumers, we are confused and the choices make the decision even harder. Especially, once all those brilliant but (mostly) socially unadjusted (at least to my kind of society) youths in skinny jeans, eyeliner and earrings bigger than their ears, open their mouths and share what they know about ‘specs’…. Oh boy! I am supposed to know what they are talking about, but …I forget everything…feel suspiciously uncertain about the future of our civilization and walk out…computerless…

So, let me help you out with getting you to make up your mind way before you encounter the sales assistant. The first thing you need to remember about modern computers is that they can pretty much do anything. So, never fear, there is a machine that will be suited to meet your needs. Secondly, you need to work out what your needs are. A lot of people do the reverse approach here. They research computers first, then they try to match the computers they found to the operational needs. This is too complicated and makes it far too easy to end up in a discussion with the aforementioned representative of the bright future of human kind on computer specs and the pros and cons of learning Klingon from a native speaker.

My advice is for you to firstly figure out what it is you use computers for. This may feel silly, but writing a list of reasons can be helpful. Most Mobile Geeks’ individual clients require computers for word processing, emails, internet browsing, social media and movies. Some also use them for accounting i.e. MYOB, micro-business management, graphic design, etc.

accountant using laptop

Once you have a bit of a list of what you need your computer for, consider what tasks you would ideally like your computer to also do. Maybe you have an inventory system for you micro-business and you would like to run online?

Once you have got that down, go online and find the contact number for a reputable computer services business in your area. For example, if you are in Sydney, search for computer service Sydney , etc. Most reputable businesses would be happy to help you out with narrowing down the range of options. Just let them know what you are after and read from your list. These computer service guys deal with this type of enquiries every day and will be able to give you the best professional advice off the top of their heads. They will easily be able to tell you which machines will be capable of delivering all your needs without necessitating you to pay for extra functionalities that you do not need and will never use. I recommend that you take careful notes during your conversation.

These notes will help you when after that conversation, you will go online to research your options. Just type in the name of the computer recommended to you and find what you can find about it. You will find that most of the recommended computers will be similar in power, memory, etc. That is because the computer service geeks have already doen the pre-selection for you. What you really need to focus on at this stage is the style and look you want, the kind of design and set up that makes you most comfortable and the size of the screen you are after. If you are really serious about doing your homework, do not miss the mentions of the product on various forums. The forums are there to share real customer experiences. However, be careful to take what is written in the forums with a grain of salt. The way these forums are run allows for a level of misrepresentation and inaccurate information.

Once you are set on what computer you will be buying, you have two option: go to the likes of JB Hi Fi and converse with a sales assistant; or call a computer service company and have the computer delivered to your door.

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There are pros and cons about both of those options. If you go with the JB Hi Fi and manage to deal with the customer experience, you will definitely have your computer and if everything goes well, a functioning one. You will then need to take it home, locate all the software bits you need it to run, work out which order they need to be installed, install them …..and deal with all the problems that may arise in the process, by yourself. However, you will pay less money.

If you choose to call computer service geeks, the computer will be delivered to you and installed. The computer geeks will also make sure that all the bits than need to talk to each other do talk to each other. If you would like us to set up and install a new computer or laptop for you, contact our Geeks on 1300 883 021 or fill in our online booking form!

The choice is yours on this one.

Over and out

Mobile Geekette

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