Refine computer repairs in Frankston

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Frankston historical note

Frankston is an active suburb of Melbourne located 41 km south-east from the central district of the city. The area it’s under the local government of the City of Frankston. According to the 2016 census the suburb had a population of 36,097 inhabitants. People considered it as the “Gateway” to Mornington Peninsula due to his location.

Many theories try to explain the origin of the suburb’s name. One of them tell that its possibly inspired by one of the first settlers: Frank Liardet. He purchased lands in the area and built many building during 1940s. Considering his strong influence on the suburb at the beginning It possible that the inhabitants called the town “Frank’s town” which became the name Frankston few generations later. However, one letter of Frank’s family contradicts this theory.

Indigenous of Kulin Nation occupied the area at first. They used it for foods and water resources. According to historians, first aboriginals contact with European in the area happened in 1803. Despite that, the European settlement occurred around 1856. During this period Europeans built foreshores and hut to establish themselves. During the late 19th century, Samuel Packham built the Frankston Hotel and organised hunting event. Thomas McComb developed Frankston fishing industry. He funded the Fankston Pier construction. Later Frankston became a good seaside resort.

Population in the area boomed during the post WWII period. Housing Commission built many houses for families and workers in the area in order to re-launch the economy. The first Australian car company, owned by Hartnett was built in the area. During this expansion we assist to the construction of many community facilities as church, schools, parks, museum…

Nowadays the suburb remains to be a good place for many different reasons. Whether it the center or near to the beach, all the suburb is active. The suburb is also known for its environment with plenty of different species and flora.