When you find yourself experiencing the the following or perhaps matching difficulties:

  • Memory loss or deficient memory remaining
  • Sluggish processing performance
  • Failing or weakened aptitude to communicate
  • Virus infection or some other foreign object related troubles

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West Pennant Hills Historical Note:

West Pennant Hills is located 25 kilometres north west of the Sydney central business district; it is the local government areas of both Hornsby Shire and The Hills Shire. West Pennant Hills is located in the Hills District of Sydney, Pennant Hills is a separate suburb and Thompsons Corner is a locality within the suburb.

The suburb has been named for both its geological features and its man-made additions. In the early days of colonisation the range of hills stretching north from Parramatta were referred to as Pennant Hills. *Pennant* referring to a flag pole erected in the areas highest point, the flagpole with it’s *pennant* was a form of early communication. It was used to signal to Parramatta that the Governor had left his retreat in the outer areas of Sydney and was returning to Parramatta.

Thompsons Corner has been named after convict Andrew Thompson who was granted 100 acres in 1796; opposite the signal station in Pennant Hills