Mobile Geeks is the leading computer repairs Sydney company. All the Mobile Geeks computer technicians have many years of industry working experience and training; and their references are typically cross-checked with regards to the experience of prior employers in Sydney. All Mobile Geeks computer repairs technicians and more or less all Head Office staff that book working day placements, are true Sydneysiders and know this town like the back of their hands. This means that if you get our computer repair services you won’t be the subject of unwanted waiting times simply because an employee did not know the precise address of your suburb and distance to other locations. We will be there quickly and get to your computer repairs tasks straight away! We’re able to deliver on any kind of Computer Repairs needs. Whether it be wireless network install, mail Server set up, Computer virus removal, Firewall software set up, Internet Safeguards or data back-up and recovery care – Mobile Geeks make IT easy. Our pro-computer repairs technicians have taken care of most IT challenges before and will also fix your internet connection, set up your home office, eliminate the pesky virus and find your deleted files efficiently, professionally and, usually, with no need of separating you and your computer.

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Sydney Historical Note:

The beautiful Sydney Harbour has for many thousands of years been valued for its natural beauty and breathtaking views. For centuries, its Indigenous inhabitants have fished these waters, speared the plentiful supply of animals that inhabited the wooded shores and filled the clear air with the sounds of their lives. Fragments of traditional Aboriginal art may still be found on rock faces around the area.

In recent centuries, things have changed for this land and its traditional people. When, 1770, the English explorer, Captain James Cook, weighed anchor at a place he named Botany Bay, Sydney’ history began …began  without even realising it yet. Eighteen years later, the British returned, and this time they had come to stay.

The first permanent White residents of Sydney arrived 26 January 1788, when the “First Fleet” dropped anchor at Sydney Cove. However, the human cargo that arrived in those ships was not necessarily all willing to become part of Australia’s history. The aim of the British was not to build a great city, but to establish a prison convicts. Today, there can still be found clear signs of the hard early years in the landscape of the City of Sydney. The original tracks hacked through the wild bush have now turned into Sydney’s main thoroughfares. And the old convict barracks near Hyde Park can still reverberate with the swish of the lash and the clang of the chain gangs, if you are of the imaginative kind.