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St Andrews Historical Note:

St Andrews is a suburb of Sydney located 55 kilometres south-west of Sydney’s CBD. The name St Andrews came from an early 19th century property owned by Scottish convict Andrew Thompson who in turn had named it after the patron saint of Scotland St Andrew.

The area was used for cattle and dairy farming for the next 150 years or so. In 1957, the first plans were announced by the state government to create a large satellite city in the area but the idea floundered after locals opposed it because the land was such good farming land. Nevertheless the sprawl of Sydney towards Campbelltown couldn’t be halted. In 1976, the name St Andrews was approved for the suburb and in 1977 Landcom began building homes in the area. The following year a primary school was opened and the suburb was well established.

In the 2006 Australian Bureau of Statistics Census, the suburb of St Andrews had a population of 5,952 people.