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South Penrith Historical Note:

South Penrith is a suburb of Sydney located 55 kilometres west of Sydney’s CBD. Penrith is a separate suburb to the north.

Prior to European settlement, what is now South Penrith was home to the Mulgoa people who spoke the Darug language. Their homes were bark huts called ‘gunyahs’. They hunted kangaroos and emus for meat, and gathered yams, berries and other native plants.

Simeon Lord received the first land grant in the area, 1,000 acres (4.0 km2) in 1816. In 1888, the Penrith and Nepean Jockey Club purchased 100 acres for a racecourse. The rest of the area was orchards, dairy farms and vineyards. In the 1970s the area began to be subdivided although the former racecourse wasn’t turned into housing becoming instead Jamison Park. The park is named after the Penrith region’s most famous early settler, Sir John Jamison (1776-1844).

The local high school is the government-run Jamison High School, home of the Jamison Highlanders. Winners of the Panther Trophy 2005.

The recorded population of South Penrith in the 2006 census was 11,562. The median age of people in the suburb was 35, slightly younger than the national average of 37.