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Queenscliff Historical Note:

Queenscliff is located 16 kilometres north east of the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government area of Warringah Council and is part of the Northern Beaches area.

Queenscliff was named in honour of Queen Victoria. From the 1900’s to the time of World War One the area had been very popular with holiday makers. Holiday shacks on the headlands provided great accommodation.

Queenscliff  Beach is most famous for its *heavy waves* and has one of Australia’s best surfing beaches. The beach is at the northern end of a long stretch of beach at Manly that includes Manly Beach and North Steyne Beach.

Manly Lagoon was originally called Curl Curl Lagoon. The word Curl Curl seems to be the Aboriginal name for Queenscliff – the Queenscliff headland was originally called Curl Curl headland.

The suburbs around Queenscliff include North Manly, Manly, Freshwater and the Tasman Sea