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Queens Park Historical Note:

Queens Park is located 6 kilometres east of the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government area of Waverly Council. Queens Park is an eastern suburb of Sydney and its postcode is 2022.

Queens Park was named after the park of the same name on its southern border. It is situated east of the park and the suburb known as Centennial Park; Bondi Junction is to the south, Randwick to the north and is west of Charing Cross and Waverly.

Queens Park was originally part of the Sydney common and later the Lachlan Swamps Water Reserve. Today this large urban park is part of the Centennial Parklands. In 1887 it was dedicated with Centennial Park. The park is surrounded on three sides by houses, those on the Eastern side are from the Victorian Era and those to the north and southern sides are mostly federation style buildings.

In 1992 the suburbs name was officially recognised.