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Point Piper Historical Note:

Point Piper is located 6 kilometres east of the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government area of the Municipality of Woollahra. Point Piper is a small harbour side suburb in the eastern suburbs region of Sydney.

Point Piper was named after Captain John Piper, who was a Scottish born military officer who arrived in the colony in 1972. He built his Mansion on the point after being granted 190 acres of land in 1816. After being accused of mismanaged funds he tried to drown himself in Sydney Harbour. He eventually sold his holdings at Point Piper, Rose Bay, Petersham and Neutral Bay and moved to the country.

Point Piper sits on Sydney Harbour alongside the suburbs of Double Bay, Rose Bay and Bellevue Hill. There are no commercial areas in the suburb and very few amenities or public facilities, the closest commercial areas are in Double Bay and Rose Bay.