Every one of the Mobile Geeks IT consultants have a great deal of industry working experience and training courses and their references are typically cross examined in relation to their past employers in our city. Mobile Geeks computer technicians as well as more or less all Home Office workers that plan day-to-day call outs are Sydneysiders and know this town by heart. This implies that whenever select our computer repair services you won’t need to be subjected to unnecessary waiting times simply because a company was not sure the actual area of Plumpton along with its distance to some other neighbourhoods and won’t need to spend some time on the business phone making clear your residence address. On top of that, you’ll not have to use your time waiting around for your Geeks to see where to find your office or home and where to park the Geek mobile. All the guys fully grasp their work and also understand how to come to you in a most efficient manner. We’re able to support you with any kind of Computer Repairs needs. Whether it’s wifi network fitting, email Web server set-up , Virus Removal, Firewall software fitting, Internet Safety measures or back-up and recovery assistance, Mobile Geeks can make IT easy. Our skilled computer repair technicians have solved virtually all IT challenges before and definitely will mend your web connection, arrange your home office, remove the virus and get your destroyed data quickly, professionally and, more often than not, without the need of separating you and your laptop or computer.

Plumpton Historical Note:

Plumpton is located 46 kilometres west of the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government area of the City of Blacktown and is part of the Greater Western Sydney region.

After the arrival of the first fleet attempts were made to integrate Aboriginals into European culture. A large land grant was made around Prospect for a *Native Institute* built in the 1820’s in the Plumpton area it became known as *Blacks Hill*.

Walter Lamb established a cannery and fruit preserving works on this property Woodstock – along with a greyhound racing track. The area was known as Woodstock, but in 1889 when the post office opened, there was confusion with another Woodstock. It was suggested that greyhound racing in England was conducted at Plumpton the name be used to replace Woodstock.

Plumpton is located on the Cumberland Plain and is rectangular in shape and a generally flat suburb, located in the centre of the suburb is Plumpton Park.