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Petersham Historical Note:

Petersham is located 6 kilometres south west of the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government area of Marrickville Council and is part of the inner western suburbs of Sydney.

In 1793 Lieutenant Governor Major Francis Grose sent workmen into this area to clear the land and plant crops – corn and wheat. He called the area Peters-Ham or Petersham after his hometown in Surrey, England. Petersham remained an agricultural area winning awards for the best stock and crops of the colony in 1803. Kangaroo hunting was a popular past time in the area.

In 1855 the train line from Sydney to Parramatta opened, with a train stopping here from 1857. In 1863 a railway platform was finally built. The Petersham post office opened in 1870 and in 1878 the first public school opened.

In 1945 a Mosquito HR576 RAF plane disintegrated over Leichardt and Petersham during a test flight no one on the ground was seriously injured.