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Penshurst Historical Note:

Penshurst is located 17 kilometres south of the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government areas of both the City of Hurstville and the Municipality of Kogarah. Penshurst is part of the St George area.

Penshurst has been named after Penshurst in Kent, England. The area was part of a land grant to Robert Townson. In1890 the Penshurst railway station was opened.

A large portion of the suburb located south of the railway line is referred to as MacRae’s Estate as it was owned by the MacRae family. The original homestead and caretaker’s house for the stables have been preserved and can be found on Laycock Road. MacRaes Reserve at one time had a river running through it; the path of that river has been replaced with an underground rainwater system.

Penshurst is a residential area with medium to low density housing; the main shopping centre is located near Penshurst Railway Station.