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Peakhurst Heights Historical Note:

Peakhurst Heights is located 22 kilometres south of the Sydney Central business district; it is in the local government area of the City of Hurstville and is part of the St George area.

Peakhurst is a separate suburb to the north. Peakhurst Heights was just a locality within Peakhurst until 1995 when it was recognised as a suburb in its own right.

Peakhurst was named after John Robert Peake a landholder who bought 10 acres of land in 1838. In 1856 Peake donated land for the building of the First Methodist Church. In 1871 when the school was founded, school inspector Huffer suggested that Peake’s name be used for the school; it was later adopted by the suburb. In 1885 the post office opened.

The suburbs that surround Peakhurst Heights include Peakhurst, Lugarno, Mortdale and Oatley. It is bordered by Boggywell Creek and Lime Kiln Bay on the Georges River.

Peakhurst Heights is a mainly residential suburb.