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Old Guildford Historical Note:

Old Guildford is located 24 kilometres west of the Sydney central business district; it is the local government area of Fairfield, and is part of the Greater Western Sydney region.

Both Guildford and Old Guildford were named after the Earl of Guildford.

The Dharug Aboriginal people once lived in the area we now call Woodville Ward, while the Bidjigal clan lived in the area we now call Guildford.

Having ties with the Earl of Guildford, in 1837 Lieutenant Samuel North named his property Guildford. In 1843 when the property sold the name was changed to Orchardleigh. The Guildford name stuck for the small settlement that had developed in the area around Woodville Road. In 1869 a school had opened, and in 1880 a church

In 1876 a railway station was built further from the settlement, a new township developed which was given the name Guildford being much larger than the original settlement the former settlement became known as Old Guildford.