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Marrickville Historical Note:

Marrickville is located 7 kilometres south west of the Sydney central business district; it is the largest suburb within the local area government of the City of Marrickville. The postcode is 2204 and the suburb has three post offices.

Marrickville has been named after the estate of Thomas Chalder who named his property Marrick after his home town village of Marrick in North Yorkshire, England. The publican of the Marrick Hotel – William Dean has been credited with adding the *Ville* to Marrick in 1861 when it was gazetted.

The first land grants in this area began in 1794 and prior to that the land had been home to the Cadigal Aboriginal people.

In November 1861 Marrickville became a municipality. The first school opened in 1864 the post office followed in 1865. In 1895 the railway line to Bankstown opened, the station was known as Illawarra Road during its construction.  Later, it was decided that Marrickville was a more suitable name