Computer Repairs Maroota

Mobile Geeks is Maroota’s best computer repairs company and we make IT easier for you. If you need help setting up a new PC workstation or your computer is overheating it’s time to call Mobile Geeks! We provide on-site computer repairs to your home or office in Maroota, making IT easy and convenient for you. Our IT Geeks deal with computer diagnostics, email exchange setup & support, slow internet diagnostics, internet router setups, malware removals, business IT support, internet security and firewall setup and maintenance, hardware upgrades and many more computer repairs. Our Maroota computer technicians not only fix all your computer problems but they also provide outstanding customer service.

Computer repairs and IT managed services Mobile Geeks provides include:


Mobile Geeks provide mobile repairs and servicing to Maroota seven days a week.

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Maroota Historical Note:

Maroota is located 83 kilometres north west of the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government areas of both The Hornsby Shire and the Hills Shire.

The first attempt to settle Maroota failed. Set aside as a soldier settlement, those leaving the army bought land – sight unseen in the hopes as starting new lives as farmers. They were disappointed arguing with the government that such sandy soil could never support them or their families. They were granted land to settle elsewhere.

What they didn’t know was that a short depth below the sand it was rich in groundwater, and later proved profitable as orchards and for limited grazing. In recent years Maroota has become a centre for sandmining. As Sydney’s major sand and gravel quarry at Castlereagh nears the end of its life Maroota will become increasingly important as a supplier for the whole Sydney area