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Kellyville Historical Note:

Kellyville is a suburb of Sydney, located 36 kilometres north-west of the Sydney’s CBD.

Kellyville is named after Hugh Kelly, who owned the Kellyville Estate. Originally, the area had been known as ‘There and Nowhere’ followed by ‘Irish Town’ for the clan of Kellys that lived in the area. After Kelly’s death in 1884, John Fitzgerald Burns, James Green and George Withers purchased portions of several early land grants, which were subdivided into farmlets as part of the ‘Kellyville Estate’, thereby giving the suburb its name. The first subdivisions of 100-acre (0.40 km2) lots were made in 1884

Kellyville possesses a unique combination of being semi-rural, older suburban and modern.. As a result of the suburb’s strategic location, Kellyville offers a relaxed and quiet lifestyle being surrounded by rural areas and suburban Castle Hill, Baulkham Hills and Glenhaven.

Kellyville now has the advantage of faster travel to Sydney CBD fuelled by the new Lane Cove Tunnel and the M2 Hills Motorway. In good conditions, travel takes approximately 35 minutes.