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Kearns Historical Note:

Kearns is a suburb of Sydney, located 57 kilometres south-west of Sydney’s CBD.

Kearns was named after a local farmer, William Kearns, who owned a large property in the area during the 1800s. He gained notoriety for a court case in 1824 where a neighbour sued him for getting his 14-year old daughter pregnant. During the case, it was alleged Kearns had also committed bigamy and attempted to sell his daughter to a sea-captain.

Kearns’s land was originally owned by the Tharawal people until they were dispossessed by British settlers in the 1820s. In 1975, Campbelltown Council began planning a major development in the area. Streets were named after famous rivers of the world such as Mississippi, Danube and Yangtze and the first residents moved in in 1985

According to the 2006 census from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Kearns had a population of 2,757 which could be best described as young families on better than average incomes.