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Huntleys Point Historical Note:

Huntley’s Point is a lower North Shore suburb located 9 kilometres North West of the Sydney central business district. It is under the local government area of the Municipality of Hunters Hill.

Huntleys Point is located on the northern shore of the Parramatta River. It was named by Alfred Huntley who bought land here in 1836, in 1851 he built his home Point House.

Alfred opened Turkish Baths in Bligh Street in the city and later become the chief engineer for the Australian Gas Light Company. His son Alfred was a brilliant scholar at The Kings School in Parramatta and was later an architect and civil engineer – building some of the stone houses at Hunters Hill

The Gladesville Bridge spans the Parramatta River joining Drummoyne and Huntleys Point. It was the construction of the bridge that changed this quite peninsula into a major traffic junction