Like with cars and trucks, laptops or computers are really a part of everyday activity and if they run like expected to, we tend to take it for granted… Unfortunately, like motor vehicles, pc systems will break down when you least expect and in the event that you can least afford for that to happen.

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Dolls Point HIstorical Note:

The small suburb of Dolls Point is located 17 kilometres south of the Sydney central business district area, situated in part of the St George area and within the local government area of the City of Rockdale

Taking its name from a natural geographical formation found on Botany Bay. Dolls Point was originally a deserted area that was considered uninhabitable. The origins of the suburbs name are unknown, but, it is thought it was named after an escaped convict who took shelter in the area to avoid capture.

The area between the Georges and Cooks Rivers was originally known as seven mile beach, it was later changed in 1874 to Lady Robinson’s beach in honour of the wife of Governor Sir Hercules Robinson.  Cook Park that runs along the eastern border of Dolls Point was named after Samuel Cook who lobbied to have it as a public area.