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Darling Point Historical Note:

Darling Point is located 4 kilometres east of the Sydney Central Business District; it is an eastern Sydney suburb and is in the local government area of the Woollahra Council

Darling Point is a mostly residential area and is one of the most densely populated areas in Sydney, with Double Bay to the east, Rushcutters Bay to the west, Sydney Harbour to the north and Edgecliff to the south.

Known to the local aboriginal people as Yarranabbi, Eurambi, Yaranabe and Yarrandabbi over the years, it was eventually named Darling Point after the wife of New South Wales Governor Ralph Darling – Elizabeth Darling

Darling Point hosted the sailing events during the Sydney 2000 Olympics, and St Marks Anglican Church designed in 1852 by Edmund Blacket has became famous for hosting weddings such as Elton Johns’ first marriage and the fictitional  wedding in the film Muriel’s Wedding