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Chippendale Historical Note:

In 1819, William Chippendale was given a 95 acre estate which stretches to the present day location of Redfern railway station. Chippendale eventually sold the estate to Solomon Levey whom was a emancipist and merchant. After Levey passed away, Levey’s heirs then sold over 62 acres to William Hutchinson.

The east side of Chippendale, being adjacent to the CBD naturally has many different uses including commercial such as offices and warehouses, with higher buildings facing Regent Street and Broadway. Elsewhere in Chippendale there are scattered shops, cafes and pubs. The small suburb depends on Broadway for shopping and services.

Chippendale is notable for being the location of the 168-year-old Carlton & United brewery though this has been closed for some time. Frasers Property Australia bought the brewery site from the Foster’s Group on June 29, 2007 then in July 2008, lodged a modified concept plan with the NSW Department of Planning proposing a mixed-use development for the 5.8 Hectare site including but not limited to commercial and residential, keeping existing heritage buildings and also developing a new park to name a few.

The University of Notre Dame Australia sits along the northern border whilst  University of Technology, Sydney and the University of Sydney have campuses nearby tp Chippendale. The Sydney campus of Curtin University also situated at the eastern edge of Chippendale on Regent Street. There is also Boston University’s Sydney campus in Chippendale.