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Cherrybrook Historical Note:

Cherrybrook is located 27 kilometres north-west of the CBD in the Hornsby Shire.

A notable amount of Cherrybrook’s streets are named after native flora and fauna, historical figures from convict times and also some local landowners. When Cherrybrook was further divided from 1959 onwards, the developers chose colonial architects as a theme for naming some of the streets.

There is Cherrybrook Village Shopping Centre, which is an enclosed, single level neighbourhood shopping centre that has Woolworths as its major tenant. It opened in 1989 and was renovated in 2004.  There is also Appletree Shops which is a smaller shopping centre.

Cherrybrook is serviced by a number of educational marks, including Cherrybrook Nursery and Preschool, ABC Developmental Learning Centre, Kindalin Early Childhood Learning Centre, Cherrybrook Community Pre-School, Cherrybrook Public School, John Purchase Public School, Cherrybrook Technology High School, Tangara School for Girls, and Inala, a Rudolf Steiner school supporting people afflicted by various disabilities.

Currently Cherrybrook Technology High School is the largest government secondary school in NSW with 2000 + students and is still growing larger each year, although it was built to accommodate only 900 students.