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Castle Cove Historical Note:

Castle Cove is a suburb on the lower North Shore of Sydney located 11 kilometres north of the Sydney central business district.

It is thought  that Castle Cove was named after the estate of Henry Willis, a prominent member of the NSW Parliament  at the time. The forboding Gothic style Innisfail Castle is his house built in 1905. The house was built using sandstone quarried on the estate. Situated on the ridge of Castle Cove, the building overlooks Sugarloaf Bay and is a prominent landmark seen from various places in the area.

About 1985, Henry Willis’ decendants decided to proceed with to subdividing the land around the Castle, to be used for construction of several town houses, and turn the Castle into a wedding reception centre. As the land earmarked for the town houses was the land donated to the Castle owners by the government , it was eventually felt that profiting from this was not appropriate. Hence, Willoughby Council refused the rezoning required to build the townhouses. Permission to run a business from the Castle was also rejected. The property was ten sold for about $4 million.