Computer Repairs Beverley Park:

In our 21st century, we are getting so dependent on technologies that once your computer is suffering from a glitch, all your life suffers from one as well. As soon as your laptop or computer will not function to its optimum effectiveness or perhaps, even worse, utterly goes down, and you are no longer able to post electronic mails, see the web or execute your business or a job – It is time to call up computer repair techs. Mobile Geeks will definitely support all of your computer repairs wishes skillfully, competently and with excellent attitude. In our organisation, that age old proverb, ‘The Buyer is Always Right’ continues to be alive and well. All our computer repair professionals are frequently examined but not just in their trade competencies and credentials but also on their customer care ability.

Mobile Geeks is a proud Sydney organisation that’s been handling computer repair needs of your capital city for many years. Along the way, we have also provided a wide array of computer repairs and maintenance services in Beverly ParkThese services range from trojan removal, data back-up not to mention recovery, software systems installment and electronic mail set up to wifi network, Voice over ip and terminal web server programming.

We are dedicated to all of our Beverly Park business and clients and look forward to Making IT Easy for you!

Mobile Geeks are able to provide on location high quality, warranted and cheerful computer repairs and servicing seven days a week. Call us at 1300 883 021 to be able to chat to our Geeks straight away!

Mobile Geeks is the leading computer repairs company in Sydney.

Beverly Park Historcal Note:

Is a southern Sydney suburb located 15 kilometers south of the central business district. It is part of the St George Area and is under the control of the local government area of the Municipality of Kogarah.

Kogarah Bay and Beverly Park were originally part of the suburb of Kogarah that had been originally known as Twonson’s Bay. Kogarah Bay and Kogarah were separated by the creation of Beverly Park. The suburb has taken its name from the large recreational park of the same name which includes Beverly Park Golf Course.

On the corner of the Princes Highway and Lacey Street is *Sunnyside* an historic sandstone house that was the original home of Patrick J. Lacey an early mayor of Kogarah, it became the Church of England’s rectory in the 1930s and a private kindergarten and primary school from 1948. In 1958 it was converted into a rooming house, and in 1993 became a private residence once more