Computer Repairs Bass Hill:

In our 21st century, we have grown so reliant upon electronics that when your computer or laptop is suffering from a glitch, your whole life is afflicted by 1 also. As soon as your computersystem refuses to function to its peak efficiency or even worse, completely goes down and you’re unable to post electronic mail, see the world-wide-web or do your business or tasks – It’s time to ring computer repair professionals. Mobile Geeks are able to help with every one of your computer repairs requests expertly and successfully. Inside our organisation, the old saying, ‘The Customer is Always Right’ still is alive and well. All of our computer repair techs are frequently tested more than just on their field capabilities and experience but also on their customer service experience.

Mobile Geeks certainly are a proud Sydney firm that has been responding to the computer repair needs of this city for a number of years. As time passed we have also brought to you various computer repairs and maintenance services in Bass Hill covering anything from trojan elimination, files back-up not to mention retrieval, software setup and electronic mail set up wireless system, Voice over internet protocol as well as terminal web server programming.

We are committed to our Bass Hill businesses and people and look forward to Making IT Easy for you.

Mobile Geeks offer on location high quality, warranted and user friendly computer repairs and maintenance 7 days every week. Contact us by calling 1300 883 021 if you want to talk to our Geeks today.

Mobile Geeks are a leading computer repairs company in Sydney.

Bass Hill Historical Note:

Bass Hill a suburb located 23 kilometers south west of the Sydney Central Business District, is part of the South Western Sydney region and comes under the local government area of The City Of Bankstown.

Named after surgeon and explorer George Bass who was granted land here in 1798. He had arrived at the colony in 1795 on the HMS Reliance, and had become friendly with midshipman Matthew Flinders upon arrival they decided to explore parts of the colony. In 1796 on a small boat – *The Tom Thumb* they explored the Georges River 32 kilometers further than past expeditions, sailing as far as present day Georges Hall. For their efforts they were awarded 100 acres of land in the area.

After the completion of Liverpool Road in 1814 the area developed rapidly. Originally known as Irish Town because of the Irish settlements it was later known as Upper Bankstown, becoming officially known as Bass Hill in 1924