Refine computer repairs in Williamstown

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Williamstown historical note

Williamstown is a suburb of Melbourne located 9 km south-west from the central district of the city. The area it’s under the local government of the City of Hobsons Bay. According to the 2016 census the suburb had a population of 13,969 inhabitants.

Indegenous occupied the lands at first. They use the territory for its maritime properties in order to catch food. European settlement occurred early in 1803 with the arrival of Lieutenant Robins. Later, in 1835, the famous John Batman pass in the area through the Yarra River. The site rapidly became the first port of Melbourne area. It was known under the name of “Port Gellibrand” and hosted cargos. They finally renamed the area in reference to the King William IV. First lands sales of the suburb happened in 1837. The council built a lighthouse which remain standing in Williamstown.

Williamstown knew a residential boom during the Victorian Gold Rush. The first post office opened in 1850 following the opening of a large variety of shops and facilities. You can also note that the first telegraph line operated between Melbourne and Williamstone in 1854. Later, during the crimean war they built the Ofort Gellibrand againts the Russian invasion.

The place is sadly know for the CSS Shenandoah incident in 1865. In the early 1900s many sports club and institues established themselves in the suburb. The suburb expansion continued during all the 20th with the opening of many shops and buildings. The council even built a TownHall. The area became attractive for tourism around the late 1970s with the fort as main attraction. Authority of the suburb declared 60 hectare to be use for housing and residential development in 1990.

Each year, Williamstown hosts a festival in March/April. You can also visit many differents museum (including a maritime one) in the area. Furthermore the theatre is a good place for a lovely night.  Finally, you can find many private and public school in the area. Some green spaces or park are also available if you prefere peace walks and nature.