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St Kilda historical note

St Kilda is an inner suburb of Melbourne located 6 km south-east from the central district of the city. The area it’s under the local government of the city of Port Phillip. According to the 2016 census the suburb had a population of 20,230 inhabitants.

Charles La Trobe, the Port Phillip District super intended named the suburb “St Kilda” in 1841. He chosen this name after the schooner of St Kilda. Before, the area was known under few names, including “Green Knoll” and “Punk Town”. Historians found some evidence of Aboriginals houses in the suburb. Benjamin Baxter, on of the first settlers, arrived at St Kilda in 1839 During the late 1840s, St Kilda became a quarantine place for Scottish immigrants. Finally, the suburb became an independent municipality in 1957 after its connection with the railway line of Melbourne.

Between 1870 and 1890 the suburb knew a large expansion and the density almost double. During this period, buyers built many large mansions with gardens and terraces. Furthermore, They also constructed palatial hotels. The Esplanade hotel, built in 1878 with a view on the beach remains a landmark in the suburb. Unfortunately, a bank crash stopped the suburb fast development.

Above all, Carlo Catani, local resident funded the St Kilda Foreshore Committee in 1906.The committee designed parks and building for the suburb. As the result Luna Park, the Palais de Dans and le Palais Theatreestablished themselves in St Kilda. After the WWII, the suburb attracted many bohemians’ artists and the nightlife became an important business for the town. Despite this period, St Kilda knew a large gentrification during the 1980s due to its proximity with the CBD. The suburb was attractive for young professionals and families.

Nowadays many facilities are located in the area including schools, transports, shops and sports clubs. Furthermore, the suburb held many events and festivals each year. It includes the big St Kilda Festival where you can assist to street performance carnival rides and dances performances. The suburb is also known to be an important music hub in Melbourne.