Refine computer repairs in Southbank

How to set-up the wi-fi on my computer?”

How to remove a virus for my computer?’”

My printer is offline” or “My printer won’t print”

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Southbank historical note

Southbank is a inner suburb of Melbourne located 1 km south from the central district of the city. The area it’s under the local government of he cities of Melbourne and Port Phillip. According to the 2016 census the suburb had a population of 18,709 inhabitants.

Aboriginals people occupied the lands which was covered by swamps prior to the European settlement. European settlers used the area to built factories and warehouses until the 1920s. Princes Bridge, built in 1888 connected the suburb with the city centre. In the late 1990s the construction of the Art Centre contributed to the residential renewal project of the area. It became a popular entertainment place.

IBM established office in the suburb in one of the business buildings of the area. During the late 20th century Southbank became attractive for tourists and locals. The suburb is now a home to many other huge businesses such as the Esso headquarters and a Crown Casino. Furthermore, its an important art centre with many buildings related to Art studies and practice. If you like peace walking you will be satisfied by the Southbank promenade designed by Dentin Corker. Finally, in terms of medias, many TV channels and radio settled their station in the suburb.

To resume, the subrb is important for Melbourne economy and professionals activities.