Refine computer repairs in Mornington

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Mornington historical note

Mornington is a seaside suburb of Melbourne located 57 km south from the central district of the city. Also, the area it’s under the local government of the Shire of Mornington Peninsula. According to the 2016 census the suburb had a population of 23,989 inhabitants.

Indigenous Boonwurrong people occupied the land prior to the European settlement. First European arrived in 1840s and used lands for fishing logging and agriculture. The first name of the suburb was Schnapper Point until be renamed in 1864. The post office opened in 1863 following the construction of the Courthouse in 1861. In this period the area became touristic for trippers who travelled to Melbourne in a steamship. The Mornington Railway line opened in 1889 and was directly connected to Melbourne. Finally, the station closed in 1981.

Nowadays many facilities are located in the area including schools, transports, shops and sports clubs. The town attracted many restaurants, cafes and shops. Several, horses’ breeders and stables remain in the north of the area. The city held many annual festival and numerous gardens markets. For example, the Archibald Prize in 2013 took place in this suburb.