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Cheltenham historical note

Cheltenham is a bayside suburb of Melbourne located 18 km south-east from the central district of the city. The area it’s under the local government of the city of Kingston. According to the 2016 census the suburb had a population of 22,291 inhabitants. Melbourne 2030 identified Cheltenham as one of the 82 Major Activity Centers.

Cheltenham which depend of the parish of Moorabbin was one of the first area to be settled in 1850s. Josiah Holloway bought around 625 acres of lands. Charles Whorrell purchased some lands too and built the first public building of the suburb: one hotel, the Cheltenham Inn. He named it after his birth town in England and later, the suburb keep this name too.

The first post office opened in 1857 with medical offices, a Temperance Hall and the Mechanics’ Institutes. On another hand, you can note that, in term of population and size, Cheltenham is the biggest suburb of the municipality. The Kingston centre, an important aged care building in the suburb, opened in 1970.

Cheltenham is a home to six primary run state or catholic schools. You can also find some worship places such as the Church of the Christ. Finally, many shops are located in the north part of the suburb. Further, The Cheltenham Pioneers Cemetery is located in Charman Road next to the railway station.