Refine computer repairs in Burwood East

Nowadays, we are so reliant on computer technology that any time one of your gadgets has a glitch, you feel real stress. I left my iPad at my parents. That means two weeks without until I see them next. Stressful feeling like this, due to technology are more commons nowadays. If my computer went down… well, I don’t even want to think of that! Are you with me on that?

But let’s say the worst has happened and your computer has crashed. Maybe it is simply testing your patience by taking its sweet time to do anything. If that is you, save yourself the time and drama and call Mobile Geeks. Mobile Geeks will resolve any of your computer repairs problems quickly. We offer you effectively with a smile. In this business, the old saying of ‘The Customer is Always Right’ is still kicking. Regularly, we check every one of our computer repair geeks on their customer service skills. If there are any complaints, we Mobile Geeks management takes them very seriously.

Mobile Geeks are a proud Melbourne organisation that has been looking after the computer repair needs of Melbourne for many years. At Mobile Geeks computer repairs we are present all of Melbourne suburbs.  We are present as well for an individual clientele in Burwood East. And we and look forward to making IT easy for you.

Mobile Geeks computer repairs will deliver on location skilled professional, secured and pleasant computer repairs and maintenance service 7 days a week. You need a good computer services company?! Stop searching, contact us immediately.

Burwood East historical note

Burwood East is a  suburb of Melbourne located 17 km east from the central district of the city. The area it’s under the local government of the City of Whitehorse. According to the 2016 census the suburb had a population of 10,273 inhabitants.

The Koorie clan inhabited in the territory before the European settlement. The area was recovered by many forests and vegetation which made thing difficult for the European settlement. Later in 1950 the area was a supplier of apple, cherries, and flower for Melbourne.

Burwood became the site of the first Kmart department store which opened in 1969. Also, the Tally Ho Business Park is known to be the place of many corporations and organisations. There is the Country Fire Authority and the regional headquarters of VicRoads for example. Further, an HP building is located on beyond the business park. Abel Hoadley, the inventor of the Violet Crumble chocolate bar built the Tally Ho boy’s home here to supplies the local Methodist Church.

Burwood East is declared as a “Major Activity Centre” by the State Government thanks to its commercial area and the facility of public transport use. In 2008 a project to build 1000 new resident block was agreed by the Whitehorse council.