Which internet plan is for you?

We often get asked the question, “Which internet should I get?”… There are so many different ISP’s, internet connection methods and plans available on the market that it can get very confusing very quickly. Most computer repairs specialistst, however, woudl be able to give you some advice, so call them or read on…

The first thing a user should ask themselves is, “Do I live in a unit or home?” as this will either include or exclude the cable internet connection. Generally, home dwellings will be able to have cable internet installed (check with your local service provider), whilst units will not be able to have cable installed (as strata generally do not allow drilling of holes in walls etc).  Cable has the benefit of having an “always on” dedicated connection, whilst ADSL can dropout every once in a while. Both types of internet connections offer similar speeds in real world usage depending on several factors.  

It is advised to check how far you are from your local exchange server for ADSL (any ADSL provider will be able to do this for you free of charge). If you do find that you cannot obtain cable internet because you are located too far or because you live a unit or an apartment, do not despair as you will most likely be able to get ADSL2/+ which simply runs through your existing phone line system. And, yes, you ou can use your home phone and internet at the same time if it is setup properly. Call Mobile Geeks computer service (Sydney) team to sort that out for you.

If you find you are far away from the ADSL exchange server and you can get cable, then a cable connection will be a better proposition for you in terms of connection stability and speed.

The next step is to determine how much you will be using the internet. Generally, families will be ok with a monthly download allowance of around 12GB unless, there is a member sharing videos and lots of music. Internet plans these days usually start at 1GB allowance and go to unlimited with some companies. For reference, if all you will do is read emails and surf, generally you will be ok with a 3GB plan (and that’s leaving a lot of unused data)!

The last step would be selecting your ISP and here, I would simply recommend you to have a look at their website, chat with friends and see who they are using and if they are happy with them.

Mobile Geeks’ computer repairs team will be able to help you with all or parts of your set up, including fee advice. Cal 1300 883 021 now.

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