TripAdvisors database stolen 20 million members affected the popular information exchange website for travelers and would be travelers is the latest online business to fall prey to hackers. TripAdvisor has lost their member email list.(Yep, my address is there as well)

It is strongly advised that all TripAdvisor members change their passwords as a precaution. It is also strongly advised to not click on any links form any emails that are representing themselves to be from TripAdvisor. You may also see increase in spam in a few weeks and your computer may end up infected. Advise your computer repair specialist that you are a TripAdvisor member, the computer repair geek may need to upgrade or update your anti-virus software…and in any case, it is good for us to know that we may be needed urgently, especially if you are a business. Disinfecting all the computers in the office is a time consuming job and we, computer repairs people, like to prepare. Law enforcement agencies were alerted, TripAdvisor said.

TripAdvisor was asked to comment how many members were affected and of those how many were in Australia but a response was not available at time of publishing. TripAdvisor’s website said it had 20 million members, received 40 million unique visitors a month and operated in 27 countries – we are talking A LOT OF PEOPLE affected.

“The reason we are going directly to you with this news is that we think it’s the right thing to do,” TripAdvisor CEO, Mr Kaufer said.

Over and out (and stay computer repairs safe)


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