LizaMoon is on the attack and what your computer repair service needs to know

LizaMoon is on the attack. Does that mean you need to get your computer repairs service guy booked in?

If you have not heard, LizaMoon is a malicious computer code that is infecting millions of websites across the globe. Does this affect you? Only minimally. This is a nasty piece of work as far as software codes go, but it is only notable for its speed and its scope, not for its damage. It is currently being watched by computer repairs service and security watchdogs around the world, but no alarms are going off.

Apple, advises that iTunes (the virus was at one stage rumored to use iTunes as a method of proliferation) is designed to automatically neutralize this kind of attack. That means there is, in fact, no risk of an iTunes user’s computer actually getting infected by this malware. This is good news, but not enough to be certain of what exactly is going on. We wait and see, I suppose. And once we know, we will surely, advise you and all our existing clients.

LizaMoon is what is known as a SQL code injection attack. With this code, a Web application vulnerability is exploited to insert malicious code into affected websites. If a user surfer visits an affected site, they will be redirected to a rogue website that will trie to install a “scareware” file. This “scareware” file ( I have written about scareware before, check previous blogs) generates messages warning the user that their computer is infected with viruses, and urges to buy the latest antivirus software that is needed to save the computer from this infestation. Most legitimate antivirus programs will detect and eliminate the malicious file, but some may let it through. It may also be the users that let the infection through by believing its false claims.

Most websites also have protections in place to insure against getting infected in the first place. So, if you are a small business owner and you have a website with a reputable web hosting company, you most likely have absolutely nothing to worry about. Even though LizaMoon has infested million of websites, computer repairs service and security experts say that it is an ordinary threat and that its victims are poorly managed, obscure  low-traffic sites.

I will keep watch of LizaMoon’s progress for you.

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