Lentilicious the food healthy geeks eat

God, don’t you wish the computer could cook!!!
If you are a computer geek like me, your mind is jam packed with information, there is no room to think about making a meal. Especially if you have geeky friends coming over for dinner, who also can’t cook, with strange geeky diets e.g. gluten free, vegetarian, lactose intolerant, vegan, kosher, lot fat, diabetic etc etc etc…. Try and get your head around that!!
Well hey I have “THE ANSWER” and you won’t be away from the computer for more the 30mins!! Yes a homemade meal cooked in less then 30mins!!  It’s called ‘LENTILICIOUS’, It’s healthy, ethical, Australian and geek diet friendly. All you do is add the packet of Lentilicious to water, cook some rice and you have a meal for 3 people. You can make it extra special and cook some green veggies and serve with a chutney and yogurt. It’s a no-brainer!!!
Just as well there are 5 flavours, I am turning into a lentil eating hippy. Some-times I just have them on toast or with corn chips. You can add veggies and more water to make a tasty soup. I have even used left overs to make veggie patties. Truth is I got these ideas off the Lentilicious web-site. My geeky computer mates all think I am a great cook. But now they know my secret, I am going to go to their house for dinner.

Check them out at www.lentilicious.com.au

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