Once you have a computer, you start to use it to store your important things. Photo albums, compact disks and heavy filing cabinets are all things of the past … All of this is disappearing now that we have computers at the head of the technology era. However, now that we store all of our photos, documents, files, and programmes on our computer, we need to ensure they are all still safe

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Perhaps, you have a massive iTunes library or a desktop full of important documents and files, all stuff you would not like to wake up one day and find wiped. Some people, myself included, keep a whole portfolio of work and documents on their computer. It would be heartbreaking if this was all lost in one foul swoop. If you lose that portfolio it can often mean losing a couple of months or years of work or research, which will have to be undertaken again. That is why a virus can be life shattering. When a virus gets into your computer it can affect some or all of the functions and completely disable normal use. When it takes over your system it can cause serious damage and cause you to lose all of your work.

At times when a virus gets really out of hand and causes all of your applications to quit functioning, you might be forced to have to conduct a system recovery. This will cause you to convert back all your settings to their original factory settings and you will lose everything you have downloaded, saved, done, and added to your computer.

Often when a virus gets that bad, it is impossible to even use your computer functions normally to carry out a system restore. So you might really struggle to save your work or send it to yourself before it crashes or reverts. This is because the virus has taken hold and made ordinary operations next to impossible.

This is why it is important that even though your computer seems to be running healthily you still get professional computer service to ensure a stable bill of health.  Computer service will help check for any viruses or warning signs of functions lagging. Make sure you take precautions to avoid the danger that is a virus. As John Howard famously said, “Be alert, but not alarmed”, keep on the safe side of life.

If you have very important data, you need to make sure that you back up your files and keep them safe. Regularly back up your photos, documents, programs, and information on a hard drive or some other kind of external disk so that they will stay safe and out of harm’s way. You can even make a back up for your back up if the material is extremely important. It is crucial that you keep your back up updated so, that if anything ever does happen to your system, you will not lose anything.

Also, when you draft a document, get into the habit of emailing it to yourself pronto, so you will always have a record that is accessible somewhere on the wide Internet. Using something like Google Documents  is a great way to keep your documents stored safe and sound somewhere on an external server, so that no matter what happens to your personal system you will always be able to access that important work from any computer.

Upload your photos to photo sites like Flickr or Photobucket and keep them there in addition to where they are stored on your system. So that way, even if your system does end up crashing and burning, you will still have your photos and important materials somewhere where you can access them.Do not be like one of our clients that was forced to take her hard drive to computer forensics and pay thousands of dollars for this extraordinary service because her data got so damaged and corrupted that no standard professional systems were able to recover it (we tried for weeks!!). At the end she was able to get her wedding photos back, but at a very high price.

Basically, make sure that everything on your personal system is accessible somewhere else too.  Preferably somewhere, like the Internet. You never want to be the one that breaks down and cries in the foetal position for days because a virus launched an attack on your unsuspecting computer. Get it serviced and build a fortress of back ups and strength around it! Keeping your computer safe with routine virus scans and regular professional computer service . Good luck and keep safe.

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