It is not what you know it’s who you know

While writing the ‘Who is the fool now, Mr Google?’ blog , I remembered a story that one of my Geeks told me a couple of years ago. It is funny and heart-warming all at once, and I just have to share it with you.

One fine spring afternoon, my friend Geek decided to visit his Nanny and Pa for a cup of tea to talk about life, check on their health and, in general, bask in the love and care of his beloved grandparents.

Nanny and Pa were, of course, delighted to see him. They sat him down at the table, brought him yummy goodies, poured his tea and probed him with dozens of questions about his love life, his friends, appetite and health.

Every topic was covered detail by conscientious detail. And despite the time, the Geek did not rush and savoured the presence of his grandparents as they enjoyed his company. One thing led to another, and eventually, as it always happened, they were talking about the business the Geek was in and the challenges of modern day competition.

You see, the Geek’s grandfather was a very successful businessman in his time and our Geek considered it an honour to be discussing his business with the wise man. They discussed cash flow, covered management skills, spent a bit of time on office fit-out and finally, moved onto marketing. The wise man knew all about that. After all, in his day, newspapers wrote in awe about his promotional antics and he was known to all the big players in town.

The Geek started telling his Pa all about the new website he was thinking of building and how it would be promoted on Google. The Geek was passionate about this and waxed lyrical about SEO for a good ten minutes before realising that his dear old Pa was scratching his head an looking at him in puzzlement.

-‘Gooooogle?’ said Pa

-‘Yes, Google’ said the young man

-‘What’s his first name?’ said Pa

-‘Let me explain…’ started the young man


A week later, the young man came to visit the grandparents again. As he walked through the front door, Pa thrust a photocopied bit from an old newspaper into his face and triumphantly declared:

Ha! Google! I knew I knew him! BARNEY GOOGLE! That’s the name! Only I do not know what he is going to do for you…That is such old hat!

So, there you go. It is not what you know, it’s who you know.

Over and out

Mobile Geekette and Barney Google

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