Earth Hour and beyond from computer service Sydney geeks

This year, Mobile Geeks a computer service (Sydney) company, was a proud supporter of Earth Hour. On March 26, hundreds of millions of global citizens, from one hundred different countries, united in the action of lights out. Mobile Geeks and our employees were among them. The Mobile Geeks’ computer service lab, where the lights never turn off and the work always goes on (all those programs that we have to run on your machines to locate your precious data sometimes take a very long time) stood still with no blinking lights. There also were no cars on the road, no computer work being done remotely for clients and no lights in any of our staff’s houses. Dinners were had by candlelight and I personally, loved it. 😉 

The turning of the electrical devices off was not a big challenge and actually was quite fun. However, to make this hour possible, we had to work very hard to ensure that all the scheduled work could be done before time and no client’s system’s suffered during our shut down for Earth Hour. This does not sound too hard, but I assure you, it required acrobatic feats of computer service time management and geek skills to bring to reality.

Mobile Geeks also tried to encourage some of our clients, Twitter follows and Facebook friends to join this initiative on the day. Now, we are promoting the Earth Hour and beyond activities supported by the initiative’s ambassador – Miranda Kerr. As I have already reported on Facebook, the computer service lab has implemented management systems that allow for more efficient energy management. Staff are reminded to turn the lights out and minimise the number of connected devices to the necessary minimum. We have installed energy efficient light bulbs, and have only yesterday, installed a skylight. We are very excited about this and most of the staff have not even seen this surprise.

It is proven that exposure to natural light allows for healthier working environment. The natural sunlight will also limit the number of hours the lab has to have the lights on to a minimum – this will, of course, lead to savings for the business and savings for the environment. The photo of the skylight is to come, promise. The boss has also decided that if we can pull this off once a year, we can do it twice a year and see what else we can learn from the experience. So, Mobile Geeks – your friendly computer service geeks- will be turning the lights out again before the year is out. The date has not been set yet, but it will happen….and when that happens I might somehow make sure that the boss gets one bright idea about installing solar panels on the roof….

Over and out (and all those rumour about us changing our colors to green are absolutely not true! No further comment)


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