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Hello lovely computer repairs DIYers 🙂 This article is about disabling UAC. If you do not know that that is, then possibly you will need to call your computer repairs tech to sort that problem out. However, if you do, read on as it may be useful for you.  If you like to retain a bit of security but, still hate those annoying User Account Control prompts, you can remove that. The trick is useful for Administrator accounts only. What we will be doing in this computer repair tips article is learning how to change Windows Vista to automatically elevate the privilege level for administrators – but – without the prompting.

The good thing about doing it this way is that regular users and Internet Explorer will still run as normal and would still have the normal security mechanisms.

How to disable the UAC on Windows 7 or Vista Business or Ultimate

To configure this setting on Windows 7 / Vista Business and Ultimate, you can use the Local Security Policy configuration. Just type in secpol.msc into the Start menu search box and hit enter.

Now scroll down to Local Policies Security Options

local security policy

Find the following in the list: *User Account Control: Behavior of the elevation prompt for administrators in Admin Approval Mode* and double-click on it.


Change the setting to “Elevate without prompting”.  And you are all done.

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