Are you tired of messy cables all over and behind your computer desk? If I had a dollar for every time I heard clients complain about this! This problem is most prevalent for small businesses. SME’s do not generally have a dedicated IT company to set up their systems and those SMEs that do have an IT provider find that organising cables is not included in the service and attracts an extra charge.

Another issue we often see with most small office and with home users is overloading the computer with a lot of external equipment connected to the machine at once. There is no problem with making sure that your printer, scanner, modem, router, keyboard, mouse, screen, power cords, USB backup devices, memory card readers, etc are hooked up to your computer…not at all. However, you can significantly diminish the clutter around your workplace by setting up a modular USB. It will allow for all you devices to talk to your computer but will not get in the way.

The humble cable tie can also be very handy, so do not forget to purchase it when you see one. It will allow you to tie cables into one tight bunch and to also set the correct length of any cable that you are using. They have the bonus of being very cheap and readily available as well. It is also recommended to install cable guides – they are those spiral plastic devices that allow you to hide the cables within them, thereby minimising teh clutter. Another de-clutter tip is to implement a wireless router for internet computer networking. It will reduce Ethernet cable clutter if there is more than one computer involved and additionally providing wireless access for laptops and iPhones if present.

Mobile Geeks provide this decluttering service as part of normal small business/office computer installations on all hardware that we install. Mobile Geeks also offer other computer repairs and computer maintenance (Sydney). Call us on 1300 883 021.

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